Samuel Rozé

VP of Engineering at Birdie. Public speaker & open-source maintainer.



Core Team member of Symfony and API Platform. Creator of Companienv, Tolerance and 10+ more.

Contributed to (ordered by stars).

Kubernetes, Traefik, Composer, cucumber-js, Doctrine, Behat, Tsuru, Alice, HWIOAuthBundle, PhpSpec, LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle, ttorrent, N3.js and 100+ more.


Conference Talks

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Archived projects

2019 Technical Team Health Metrics and engaging awards from Git repositories activity.

2018 ContinuousPipe. Continuous deployment solution for your containerized applications to Kubernetes clusters.

2017 Avocado. Record and share your location and pictures of your travel adventures in real-time (or not).

2012 url PostgreSQL extension. Performant (parsed & indexed) storage of URLs within PostgreSQL.

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