Managing monolithic repositories with composer’s path repository

Composer now have a new repository type in addition to, among others, the well known vcs for instance: the path repository. The goal if this repository is to be able to manage dependencies between applications and packages in a monolithic repository.

A monolithic repository?

The first question can be: why a monolithic repository? There are many blog posts and videos around about why such a code repository can be extremely useful for your project and your team, but we can quickly summarise that in some cases you’ll find at least these advantages:

  • Reduced bootstrap cost as new starters just need this repository
  • Easier to have cross-applications patches (via a single pull-request for instance)
  • You don’t need to download dependencies as they are here 😉

Obviously there are also some potential problems such as the ease of BC breaks between your libraries/applications and also shared responsibility, but that’s more related to the developers than the tooling.

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