Docker running on OVH VPS (Ubuntu 14.04)

Warning. It looks like that it isn’t true anymore for VPS 2016. See this comment.

For testing purpose, you may want to install a Docker server on an OVH VPS. This short article explain you how to make Docker running on a VPS with an Ubuntu 14.04 system (this may be the same for Debian users).

First of all, as we need to use an official kernel, do not use VPS Classic. Only the VPS Cloud that is running on VMWare let you use another kernel instead of there customized one.

Update your kernel

The first thing to do is to install the default Linux kernel and its extra that enable the AUFS storage driver. Else, Docker will use devicemapper that don’t works well on these VPS.

After installing that new kernel, we need to replace the OVH kernel order in the grub boot sequence to use the newly installed kernel first.

Reboot your VPS from the command or the manager. Then, you can check the AUFS support, the docker info result should contain:

Fix DNS resolution

When trying to launch a container, you should have the same error as bellow.

The simple reason is that your /etc/resolv.conf file is empty, there’s no configured DNS servers. I recommend you to remove these packages and set the resolv.conf file manualy:

In the /etc/resolv.conf, copy/paste these nameservers definitions or use your own, we just need this file to be filled.

Now, you should be able to run any Docker container on your VPS !


One thought on “Docker running on OVH VPS (Ubuntu 14.04)”

  1. From OVH support:

    Thank you for contacting OVH regarding updating your kernel for your VPS SSD. That information in the article was true for the 2014 line of VPS SSD and Classic. It doesn’t apply to the VPS 2016 as these do not use the same virtualisation software. They use OpenStack so you should be able to update the Kernel of without moving to the VPS Cloud.

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